Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune!

Moms work hard all year round taking care of their kids, so show her how much you appreciate all that she does this Mothers Day. You don’t need to break the bank to buy her a gift, but do try to put a little time and thought into what you get for her. Perhaps you are wanting to present her with something special at brunch, or want something that is equally as good as the Mother’s Day card you found. This article is going to run through 9 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas under $50 that Mom will love. Read on to help you find something as special and unique as she is.


Birthstone Wishing Ball: $32.00 from Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for something that has meaning while being aesthetically pleasing, then look no further than the birthstone wishing ball. This unique piece of art is tailor-made to represent Mom’s birthstone. Wishing Balls provide one wish, ambition or desire to be kept for one week at a time.

The shimmering globe comes with 52 slips of paper where she can write down her hopes and wishes for the coming year. The wishes are then rolled up and inserted into the wishing ball where they become a permanent part of the display. Much like photographs make a memory more vivid, when wishes are written down, they become more mentally  prominent. This helps to keep them alive.

Wishing balls are made from delicate hand blown glass, each one unique. These make for a unique Mother’s Day gift ideas and show time and effort have gone into choosing the gift.



Thai Cotton & Silk Handbag: $27.00 from Novica

Every mom has her favorite handbag that she stores all of her important belongings in. Why not upgrade her bag with something that offers a little bit of luxury uniqueness? The Thai silk bag is created from the silk of the Thai silkworm that feeds exclusively on mulberry leaves.

These handbags are ethically made in traditional Thai silk towns. Not only is this a unique Mother’s Day give idea, but in addition, your purchase also helps support the centuries-old tradition of silk weaving in remote parts of southeast Asia. Intricate weaving and brocade finished off with coconut shell buttons and make for a stunning item. Mothers are sure to cherish this one for years to come. There purses are such unique Mother’s Day gift ideas!


White rose topiary: $39.95 by Gift Tree


Most moms expect flowers for mothers day, but these will wilt and die in a matter of days. Why not up to the ante with a white rose topiary that is fully rooted and can last for years. Standing at 4ft tall, this rose bush will provide a wow factor and in addition, will have Mom smiling to herself everytime she looks at it. Beautifully fragrant flowers atop a carefully pruned bush make for a fantastic gift and lasting for this day of celebration.


Facial brush & travel case:  $44.95 by  Toilet Tree Products

Every mom likes to look her best, and this electronic facial and body brush set will have her feeling super soft and dewy in no time at all. Coming with 2 facial attachments the brushes help stimulate cell renewal, collagen stimulation and removes dead skin cells helping to reveal fresher skin. Sure to make her feel pampered, this gift is an ideal choice for the skin conscious mom.


Mixology 7 piece bar set: $49.00 by West Elm


Every mom needs some time to sit back and unwind from the stresses of the day, and what better way to do that than with a cocktail or 2 in the kitchen. This 7 piece set includes everything she will need to create a multitude of delicious cocktails. It allows her to indulge her creative drinking side every now and then.



Live Tabletop Air Plant Garden: $34.50 from Pottery Barn


This beautiful little globe contains its own selection of air plants that do not require any regular care or watering. Adding a touch of the outdoors indoors, this plant globe is the ideal mothers day gift for the lady who loves to garden. The plants are specially grown and selected to provide a calming and pleasing effect wherever they are placed. This gift will last for years to come, yet is low maintenance.



Brag book: $24.99 from Pin Hole Press


There is nothing a mom like more than showing off her beautiful family to friends and neighbors. Treat Mom to a brag book filled with some of her most favorite photos? The brag book is easy to carry in her purse. It comes wrapped in a choice of beautifully colored fabrics. This unique Mother’s day gift idea offers a truly personalized gift Mom will love to share!


Heart rocks Framed Print: $39.99 by Personal Creations


If you are looking for a truly unique gift that has all of the children involved then a personalized heart rocks print is the way to go. Have your mom’s name in the main pink heart. Add all the children, grandchildren and siblings in the smaller rocks surrounding her. The message is that she is the rock of the family that supports everyone in it. It is truly a unique Mother’s Day gift idea she will love.


Heart Full Of Love Glass Block: $29.99 from Gifts.com


The heart full of love freestanding glass block is a truly wonderful gift your mom will cherish. With the names of the family etched into the glass using high-tech lasers, this gift will bring a focus to the love a family holds.  Your mom is sure to love this one! The gift can be fully personalized, creating a unique and luxurious gift.

In conclusion, all of these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas can be purchased and delivered in time for Mothers Day on May 14. Each and every one of them provides a special flavor that you just can’t find in stores. Make this Mother’s Day celebration truly magical.  Show mom how much you appreciate all she does throughout the year with these unique yet inexpensive gift selections.

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