The Best Parenting Tips I Ever Got

Raising children is easily the most difficult job you’re ever going to have to tackle, and though the pay isn’t all that hot the benefits are immeasurable.

It sure would be nice if children came with an owner’s manual (especially the first one), but life just isn’t that clean or that neat. And while there is definitely going to be parts of parenting where you are flying by wire with your hands on the controls and absolutely no idea whether or not you’re doing the right thing, the wrong thing, or some kind of crazy combination of both, there are definitely some tips and tricks you’re going to want to keep in your back pocket to help you even things out along the way.

I’m going to share with you below the best parenting tips I ever received, the kinds of parenting tips that helped me really shape and guide almost all of the lessons I talked to my children as well as the lessons I used to teach myself how to parent!

I hope they help you at least as much.

Take Charge Right off the Bat

Even though you are definitely going to want to make sure that your children have plenty of room to express their personality, build their character, and maximize their imagination and creativity, children also crave – not just want or need, but CRAVE – boundaries and limits that help them better understand the new world that they are thrown right into.

Embrace your new role as a parent and everything that it means, but most importantly embrace your new position as a boundary creator – and re-creator as they grow and mature – to give them every opportunity to make the most of every moment in their young lives.

Facilitate as Much Independence as Your Child Can Manage

It’s really tough to know when your child is mature enough to handle certain situations, if you are trying to move them along at some kind of “one-size-fits-all” clip, and especially if you’re trying to make sure that they don’t fall behind or run ahead of their peers.

By facilitating plenty of opportunities for your child to stretch and exercise their independence (their main mission in life when they are young) you are going to give them the room they need to stretch their wings and built successful habits that will pay significant dividends well into their adult lives.

This is one of the most important best parenting tips I ever received, and though I struggled at times – trying to coddle and cradle when I probably should have been pushing and nudging a little bit more towards the edge of the nest, so to speak – it’s helped create more healthy, happy, and well-adjusted adults than anything else I know.

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Forget About Playing the Role as the Fixer

There’s nothing more challenging than watching your child struggle at something, especially when they are younger, but it is such a major mistake to swing in on a chandelier and save them from every minor struggle that would have otherwise provided them and opportunity to learn and grow.

Acknowledge their frustrations, improve their odds of success, and certainly provide them with plenty of encouragement but don’t allow them to tag you in whenever they are having a tough time. That’s the fastest path to setting a baseline ambition of mediocrity and teaching them that they don’t have to persevere through tougher times.

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Discipline Is a World Apart from Punishment

This is another one of those game changing best parenting tips I really remember, and it’s one that I have tried to share with as many people as I can.

As a parent you’re going to have times when you don’t want to be the “heavy”, when you just aren’t feeling up to being the enforcer, and when you feel like you are coming in hot and going a little bit overboard.

At the same time, there are definitely going to be times when discipline transforms into punishment and the lesson that you’re trying to get across really gets lost in the mix.

By all means discipline your children and enforce limits that makes sense with all the lessons that this entails but avoid punishment as much as you are able to. You want to teach your children about the roles of the world and how to behave as they get older, but you want to do so in a competent, controlled, and caring way.

Discipline whenever necessary but don’t just punish willy-nilly or the message just won’t be received.

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Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!

Ranking right up there amongst the best parenting tips you’re ever going to come across is the important lesson of prioritizing pretty much everything you can when you are raising children.

There’s definitely going to be a temptation to try and rush your child along to not only learn and grow as rapidly and quickly but to also learn the “rules of the road”, so to speak, when it comes to living in our modern world. But by overloading our children with rules and new information – not to mention a mountain of new stimulus and experiences – we can often times expect way too much.

It’s impossible to be a perfect parent (and all of the best parenting tips will tell you the same thing) but that doesn’t mean that this shouldn’t be your goal. Prioritize the most important lessons at particular point in time, focus on major movements while letting the small stuff slide by without too much headache or hassle, and enjoy the ride.

Maybe the most important of all the best parenting tips I’ve ever heard is the reminder to constantly be aware of the fact that time is ever taking body. It might feel like an eternity on your waking up every 30 minutes to tend to your little one when they are just born, but blink a couple of times and they’ll be off to college.

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Savor every moment as much as you are able to and pass along all the best parenting tips you’re able to come up with along the way.