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          Chewelry Proves Beneficial for Teething or Nursing Infants

          Chewelry, or chewable jewelry, includes versatile products that any new or active mother can wear for any occasion. The variety of styles allows these pieces to look more like jewelry than traditional teething or chewable toys.

          An overview of such products found at Wear Milla describes these innovative choices as safe, fashionable and soft for a baby’s delicate gums or emerging new teeth.

          Necklace Teardrop

          silicone chewelryAn example is the BPA Free Silicone Teething Necklace Teardrop.

          This necklace is designed to be worn by adults only and provides several benefits. It is a great focal point to keep an infant occupied while nursing or it can be used as a teething toy.

          The teardrop is available in 3 stylish colors and is completely safe for a baby to put in his or her mouth. The non-toxic product is dioxin free, BPA free and lead free. The necklace is dishwasher safe making cleanup extremely easy.

          While the design boasts a breakaway clasp for safety, some users have found that it may loosen slightly after several tugs so it should be checked routinely. The cord itself may also be a bit less fashionable than some similar products on the market.

          Overall, the Teething Teardrop Necklace has received a positive review of 4.2 out of 5 stars among Amazon customers.

          Shark Tooth Necklacebpa free chewelry

          The Shark Tooth Teething Chewelry Necklace by Zen Rocks puts a modern twist on the traditional pendant or block style teething jewelry.

          The fun shark tooth design makes the necklace more comfortable and stylish for those children who will wear it in front of friends and family.

          The tooth itself is completely safe by being free from cadmium, lead and BPA. It is also available in 4 bold colors.

          Zen Rocks creates chewelry designs that have never been produced or even seen before. They are completely unique to the company.

          Consumer reviews have been positive on average with an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.

          Some users do warn that the tip of the shark tooth can be chewed off so it may not be the best choice for heavy chewers. Parental supervision and routine safety checks should be done to ensure the necklace stays intact.

          Chewelry Soars as Sensory Aids for Children

          Chewlry Quad-Blockz

          adult chewelryThe Chewelry Quad-Blockz Oral Sensory Stimulation Tool Block Piece Chew Necklace by Quell-o is just one example of these products that is designed as an aid for a child’s motor stimulatory and oral needs.

          Chewelry used as such an aid can be beneficial for those affected by ADD, ADHD, anxiety, autism, sensory processing disorders as well as other disabilities. It can also help those children who have a constant urge to chew on fingers or clothing.

          The simply designed pendant is constructed in 3 bright, unisex color choices that not only capture one’s attention but also keeps it. The adjustable 26″ cord allows the pendant to reach even the back molars for those children who need sensory input for the jaw muscles.

          While the pendant is soft, it is twice as thick as many other block style chewable pendants on the market. Thus, making it a good choice for mild to moderate chewers.

          Parental supervision should be used when given to children under 5 years of age. The Quad-Blockz Chew Necklace has received an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

          Chew ShopChewelry for Moderate Chewerskids chewelry

          Chew Shop offers the Chewelry-Oral Sensory Input for Moderate Chewers in order to reduce anxiety and boost confidence and is made of FDA approved slicone.

          This necklace has a pendant made of food-grade silicone that has been approved by the FDA and can be worn by children or adults with sensory or chewing needs. The product can help reduce anxiety while maintaining focus.

          Available in 6 colors, this fashionable choice works great for any occasion. The breakaway clasp ensures safety while the conveniently designed necklace will not snag the wearer’s hair.

          Chew Shop has ensured parents peace of mind by putting forth a high standard of safety. With a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, this necklace has overall positive consumer reviews. However, it should be noted that the pendant needs to be cleaned often as the silicone surface may collect fuzz and dust.

          This is just a small selection of the BPA free natural chewelry avaliable, however, there  are lots of other styles and colors to choose from, just make sure the product is safe for your child!

          You can also check out our Shop for our hand picked selection of BPA Free Chewelery.