Top Children's Books

Top Children's Books

The Wonderful Things You Will Be


    A Diary of a Private School Kid


      The Three Little Pigs




          Harry Potter Series



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            • Promote Imagination & Memory
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            Are You Looking for Children Book Ideas?

            If you want children book ideas which are ideal for your little one, you’ll love our detailed guides. We’re going to talk about the value of reading to children, as well as fiver book choices which are great for different age groups. Once you’ve discovered the best children book ideas, you’ll be able to order these books online or look for them elsewhere.

            Why Read to Children?

            Kids need stimulation in order to develop their imaginations and critical thinking skills. When you read to a child, it’s also a powerful way to bond. For this reason, we recommend reading a bedtime story nightly or finding other quiet time to cuddle up with a little one and enjoy some story-telling. There are some wonderful children’s authors who create age-appropriate fiction which is wholesome and designed to spark the imaginations of kids.

            Without further ado, let’s talk about some kid’s book which are really popular, for good reason…we’re sticking with highly-rated picks, based on Amazon and Goodreads reviews, so you’ll be safe choosing these works of fiction and then reading them to your child. These books are well-written and designed to entertain parents and caregivers, as well as children!

            The Wonderful Things You Will Be

            childrens booksThis book is available in hardcover format at and it is appropriate for children from the ages of three to seven. It was written by Emily Winfield Martin and earns very high reviews from parents/caregivers alike! This book opens up the imaginations of children by showing them everything that is possible when they are older. Its illustrations are lovely and the overall tone of this work is warm and affectionate. This book is the best-seller in children’s books and many parents/caregivers read it to kids night after day, or day after day. You’ll probably love reading it to your child or children, too.

            Children’s Books for Kids: A Diary of a Private School Kidteen books

            Kids from the ages of 8 to 12 will probably love this book. It’s humorous, partly due to its very funny drawings. Written by Penn Brooks, this popular picture book tells the story of a kid who attends private school and becomes aware of the differences between him and others. The trials and tribulations of this private school student are something that many kids relate to, even if they don’t attend private school.

            The Three Little Pigs: Los tres cerditos (Keepsake Stories)

            the three little pigs childrens bookIf you love classic stories which bring to mind your own childhood, you should know that this affordable paperback is a great choice for preschoolers. It’s another fine book from Emily Winfield Martin and puts a new spin on the traditional “three little pigs” story. This children’s book author is incredibly popular and she does write the types of stories that children love. When you choose this edition, you’ll also have access to the story in Spanish.

            Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanenflipped book, great childrens reads

            Tweens need great books, too, although they can read to themselves. It’s still a great idea to read to older kids, as they need that special time with parents and caregivers and they are still young enough to enjoy being told a truly great story. Flipped is a strong seller and this paperback tells the tale of Juli Baker, who’s a little strange and has quite a crush on Bryce, who’s not really reciprocating. This story has a good heart and the characters are very easy for tweens to empathize with.

            Harry Potter Series (Books 1-7)

            harry potter childrens book setIf in doubt on children book ideas, a good book to fall back on to read to your oldern children as well as tweens is the renouned Harry Potter series. This 7 book series follows a young boy, Harry Potter, and his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, as they learn to become wizards and witches at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Their adventures are both humourious and dangerous at times as they try and prevent the dark wizard Voldmort from returning. The book series starts out very light and humourious as Harry Potter starts his jounry at age 11. The author, J.K. Rowling, masterfully grows the maturity of the material and the morals examined in the book as Harry and the audience grows all the way up to 17/18 in their 7 years of school. This is a truely timeless series loved by both children, teenagers and adults.

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            Which Book is Right for your Child?

            Hopefully, one of these fiver popular children book ideas will be just what you are looking for. Once you’ve checked them out at Amazon or elsewhere, you’ll be ready to plan some home reading, or a bit of reading to your child in a local park. Many of these books are also available in Kindle editions, so you’ll be able to download some of them to your e-reader if you want to. However, paperbacks and hardcovers are also available and these old-fashioned books are very easy to read to kids at home or tote along with you. Reading stories to kids while you’re waiting for an appointment or otherwise killing time is a great way to keep them from getting too antsy and distracted. Naturally, these books are also ideal choices for bedtime stories and for quiet, rainy days at home.