Critical Infant Care Tips for New Parents

Raising children, especially infant care as a new parent, is one of the most rewarding things that anyone can ever do in their lives, but it also happens to be one of the most challenging things you have to do on a daily basis – and it always involves “on the job” training!

There is no owners manual for infant care, no owners manual to navigate the young years as your child strives to find their independence, and certainly no owners manual for how to deal with teenagers.

At the same time, there are definitely some tips and tricks you are going to want to pick up from other parents that have gone through the same challenges you are going to go through to help you better improve your parenting skills right off the bat – and none of them are quite as important as the infant care tips we are going to share with you below.

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Babies Are a Lot Harder To “Break” Than Most People Expect

One of the biggest challenges that new parents really struggle with is wanting to put their infant in tiny little bubbles to make sure that NOTHING can hurt them.

And while that’s certainly an admirable trait (and 100% understandable), a lot of times this kind of behavior goes a bit overboard to the point where children aren’t handled by others that haven’t gone through a full on body scrub, where infants aren’t allowed to navigate floors all on their own for fear of germs, and where children have to be delicately picked up in only a theory, very specific way for fear of something breaking them.

Remember that children – even infants – are incredibly resilient. We’ve been around for thousands and thousands of years, and I can assure you that ancient cavemen and women weren’t anywhere near as concerned about the cleanliness of their cave floor as we are today and somehow we all still made it.

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Prepare Yourself to Operate on next to No Sleep Whatsoever During Early Infant Care Stages

It’s amazing what the human body and mind is capable of when given absolutely no other choice, and it can be shocking – and maybe even a little bit overwhelmimg – by just how much you are able to do on so very little sleep.

Your newborn is going to require around-the-clock infant care, feedings as often as every two hours, and you can bet there is going to be plenty of crying all throughout the night whether or not you have an important presentation in the morning.

By all means do absolutely everything in your power to steal as much sleep as you’re able to, but recognize that you’re going to go through a bit of a “zombie stage” in the first few months of infant care and do your best to embrace the challenge.

It’s really, really difficult not to get testy with friends and family when you’re going through the early stages of infant care with almost no sleep, but as long as you understand this is a challenge up front you be able to do your best to mitigate the collateral damage and keep a level head until your baby learns how to sleep through the night.

And trust us – after months and months of around-the-clock infant care that first night they make it through till morning without waking you up is going to be the sweetest sleep you’ve ever had!

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Teaching Your Child

Children are naturally curious, especially in the infancy stage, as they are trying to better understand the new world that they have been thrust into.

You’ll want to capitalize on this natural curiosity as best you can, really fostering their love of education, exploration, and imagination as much as you reasonably can. Try to set up little lessons that are fun and exciting for your child to fast-track their education and you’ll see significant dividends paid off in the future for sure.

It’s not a bad idea to start looking for proper early learning center facilities as early as humanly possible, either, and if you’re able to sign up for classes (even a handful of years in advance) you’ll be in a much better position and will be able to relax quite a bit while still taking care of the infant care stage of your child.

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