Do You Want to Earn a Masters Early Childhood Education?

If you want to teach and earn a good salary while you do it, you’ll benefit from learning about Masters Early Childhood Education degrees and exactly how to earn these post-graduate degrees. Today, we’d like to share some facts about this type of educational credential. Once you’ve learned more about this degree, you’ll be able to decide whether or not earning it should be part of your educational pathway.

What is This Degree?

Many universities and colleges offer Masters Early Childhood Education degree programs to students. Some are classroom-based and others are remote learning programs. Still others are a combination of both. Typically, it takes one to two years to earn a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree is a prerequisite. To find the best programs in America, look for degree programs accredited via the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. This governing body for teachers is also known as NCATE for short.

When you choose this degree program, you’ll learn about an array of topics, from how to engage families with the learning process, how to manage classrooms, child psychology, how to take away “achievement gaps” and what the best environments for early childhood learning are. You may focus on your preferred subject, from special education to supervisory skills.

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Why Get This Degree?

Once you have your degree, you’ll have a very deep understanding of child development principles and you’ll also know how to offer very young students the right type of learning environment for their needs. In addition, you’ll be able to plan classes which help students to learn as a group, develop their skills, reflect on things, think critically and ask questions. It’s all about becoming the most professional and ethical teacher that you can be. As well, with this degree, you should be able to command a good salary for your efforts.

Which Jobs Will You Qualify For?

Jobs which are often held by those with Masters Early Childhood Education degrees include directorships of family education centers, licensors of facilities, pre-Kindergarten teacher or parent/caregiver trainer.

Salaries for these positions will vary. However, to give you a sense of what you may earn with this degree, let’s look at the median average salary for a pre-Kindergarten teacher in the USA. While salaries are different from employer to employer, most pre-K teachers with Masters Early Childhood Education degrees earn 50k or more. This is much higher than the median average salary for teachers with Bachelor’s Degrees only (27k).

Most people seek out these degrees in order to understand their very young students better and serve their needs. However, it’s safe to say that a lot of people also want these degrees because they help them to make more money. A Master’s Degree sends a message of competence and expertise. It’s an impressive credential which may be waylaid into career opportunities and bigger earnings. So, there is definitely practical value in choosing one of the these degree programs and then successfully completing it.

Some teachers move on to get doctorate degrees after earning these Master’s Degrees. Those who do earn doctorates, for which Master’s Degrees are prerequisites, have the opportunity to earn 90k per year or more. These are the teachers with the highest level of post-secondary education. When you earn a Master’s of this type, you’ll be eligible for doctorate training if you want it. So, it opens doors that way, too…

Is This Degree Program Right for You?

If you want to earn more as a teacher and you don’t mind doing some hard work in order to achieve your goal, this may be the right degree program for you. It’s a challenging program, but interesting and fulfilling, also. It will hone your skills and understanding and it may make it easier for you to do your job, as you’ll learn so many things which help you to connect with your young students.

Now that you know more about the Masters Early Childhood Education degree program, why not look for degree programs of this type. Whether you attend classes or learn remotely (a lot of people are choosing remote learning these days, as it’s quite convenient!), you’ll be doing something which is good for your career.


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