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          Importance of Organic and Natural Baby Bath Products

          Parents commonly search for safe products for their children, from food to clothing and even toys. However, the importance of all natural baby bath products should not be overlooked. According to a post on Green Moxie, a baby’s skin is more delicate and can absorb more of what it encounters. Thus, safer products can reduce allergies, irritation and other unforeseen health issues. Some parents may feel that organic products are a bit pricier but options are greatly increasing and becoming more budget friendly.

          Beneficial Organic Baby Bath Products

          Nature’s Baby Organics

          Nature’s Baby Organicsnatural baby organics, natural baby products, organic baby products, baby products is a great company that offers organic baby bath products. They offer a convenient 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash product that consists of the highest quality organic ingredients. These include shea butter, kukui nut oil, organic aloe, organic calendula and more. The wash is paraben free and incorporates luxurious moisturizers as well as various botanicals.

          The product gently cleans without drying out baby’s sensitive skin. While some 2-in-1 products lack in quality hair care, this organic shampoo + body wash properly addresses tangles, dullness and dryness.

          Consumers have given this product a 4.2 out of 5 stars, mentioning that caution should be exercised during bath time as the wash is not certified “tear free.” These baby bath products also come in lavender chamomile scent.

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          Aubery Organicsnatural baby body wash, natural baby shampoo, natural baby soap. organic baby shampoo, organic baby body wash, organic baby soap

          With an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, Aubrey Organics: Natural Baby & Kids Bath Soap is a budget friendly, truly organic wash that leaves a little one’s skin properly hydrated. This product has very little lather when used causing some parents to doubt it’s cleaning ability. However, harsh lathering agents found in other products can be harmful to babies.

          The Aubrey bath soap is composed of safe ingredients such as soy proteins, herbal extracts and aloe vera. These components work together to clean thoroughly and rinse away easily. The product is also cruelty free so animals are never used for testing. Some users have commented on the strong scent therefore parents may prefer a lighter fragrance for their baby bath products.

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          Nice and Natural Baby Bath Products

          Lil Leona

          organic baby productsOrganic choices are perfect for those parents who want keep baby safe during bath time, but all natural choices can keep minds at ease as well. For instance, the 3-in-1 Baby Shampoo Bubble Bath and Body Wash by Lil Leona is a natural choice that contains no harsh chemicals, phosphates, sulfates or parabens. The tear free, 3-in-1 solution consists of all plant based, whole foods approved ingredients that have been reviewed by (Environmental Working Group). Parents appreciate the combination of shampoo, wash and bubble bath as it makes bath time quicker and more convenient.

          The Lil Leona wash is expertly ph balanced at 6.5, allowing it to compliment the natural balance of a baby’s skin. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive with consumers stating the positive results for a variety of skin conditions. It works well for children suffering with dry, sensitive skin as well as cradle cap and even eczema.

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          Spa Destinationorganic baby sponge, organic baby bath products

          Natural baby bath products are not just limited to various washes or shampoos. In fact, the often over looked washcloth can be a source of harmful chemical, dyes and other agents that encounter baby’s skin. The Spa Baby Natural Bath Sponge By Spa Destination is an example of a product that can be used to safely replace any cloth used for washing.

          This sponge is found and naturally grows in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Its origin makes it a truly renewable resource thus being eco-friendlier. Each sponge is chosen individually based on its quality. The product is extremely soft and easy on the skin. The bath sponge has an anti-microbial property that is naturally mold, mildew and bacteria resistant.

          Parents can feel confident when using this organic sponge as opposed to a chemically manufactured cloth or wipe. With proper care and cleaning, the sponge can last for long periods of time. Consumer reviews have pointed out that it does break down and somewhat fall apart over time. However, the reasonable cost makes this an easily replaceable item within baby bath products.

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