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          All Natural Baby Products for Skin and Scalp

          There are a multitude of natural baby products on the market, which claim to be safe for baby’s skin and hair. However, there are several that stand out among the crowd and fulfill the requirements needed to truly be classified as natural products.

          Puracy Natural & Organic Baby Care

          natural organic baby products, natural baby shampooThe first is Puracy Natural & Organic Baby Care. They have a great gift set which includes 4 products, baby shampoo, bubble bath, body wash and skin care lotion.

          This 4-piece gift set is completely void of any harsh chemicals. In fact, it is paraben and sulfate free as well as free from any common ingredients found in unnatural choices. These include dyes, perfumes, animal by-products, gluten, phosphates, and formaldehyde among others.

          Proudly made in the USA, the vegan wash and lotion combination are completely safe to use on babies. The unique gentle scent and non-greasy residue also seem to be popular positive attributes.

          With a consumer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, the Puracy products have proven themselves satisfactory to many parents. Even more significant is the EWG, also known as the Environmental Working Group, give the product a rating of 1, meaning that only the safest ingredients were used in production.

          Burts Bees Baby Beenatural baby soap, organic baby wash

          Many parents are familiar with the brand Burts Bee whether it is for their various lip treatments or line of lotions. However, they now offer an all-natural Burts Bees product line for Baby Bees.

          This travel size gift idea comes in attractive packaging and contains no petrolatum, phthalates or parabens. Pediatricians agree that these natural baby products are safe for everyday use on babies or infants. While the lotion is not fragrance free, the light scent does not seem to be overbearing.

          Consumers have given this set 4.5 out of 5 stars with a few reviewers voicing their displeasure with the cost versus size.

          Baby Mee: Bee Gentle

          gentle baby products, natural bee products for babiesAnother example of a trending organic infant set is the Baby Mee: Bee Gentle baby lotion and body wash set with organic aloe, organic chamomile, shea butter and bee honey. This set includes a daily moisturizer and a very gentle natural shampoo that has low sudsing.

          Fairly new to the scene, a mother of 4 children who is actually a beekeeper developed this duo. Any artificial ingredients have been eliminated such as fragrance, dyes and parabens.

          They have been replaced by the non-toxic components of organic aloe vera and natural honey. Honey is highly beneficial to babies as it contains a vast array of minerals and vitamins. It also attracts moisture, which is an essential part of any long-lasting lotion. The organic aloe vera helps to soothe and moisten with its mix of 75 minerals and 32 vitamins.

          The overall rating for these natural baby products is a positive 4.6 out of 5 stars but some consumers express concern over the price of these 8 ounce bottles.

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          Natural Baby Products Go Beyond Soaps and Lotions

          Many new parents are familiar with the ingredients found in soaps, lotions and ointments. However, the artificial ingredients found in diapers, cloths, wipes and other such products may react with a baby’s skin.

          The Motherhood Collection Natural Washclothesnatural baby wash clothes, organic baby wash clothes

          A bestseller among consumers is The Motherhood Collection contains 6 ultra soft baby bath washcloths which are 100% natural bamboo, have zero dyes and are perfect for sensitive baby skin.

          These ultra-soft cloths eliminate the worry of inadvertently scratching baby’s sensitive skin while being completely hypo-allergenic. Each all-natural washcloth is free from toxic dyes, being composed of the purely organic resource of bamboo. Not only are these safer for baby, but also they are eco-friendly.

          Thickness is not sacrificed within these products, as each cloth is plush, quick drying yet super absorbent. The design boasts a germ, allergen and dust free result.

          While this collection received a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, there are a couple of factors consumers should keep in mind when purchasing. There have been reports of the cloths tearing or developing holes easily after a few washes, therefore buyers should take care when laundering. Some reviewers have also noted that the washcloths are a bit big and awkward to use when cleaning a newborn or very small infant. However, these cloths and other products like them have expanded the choices available for parents searching for organic, natural baby products.

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