Learning About Healthy Eating is Fun with Nutrition Games

It can be difficult to get children excited about healthy eating and proper nutrition. Without the proper knowledge, an unhealthy pre-packaged snack full of empty calories and toxic chemical may seem just as reasonable as a healthy, nutrient packed selection. It is never too early to start teaching children the importance of a well balanced diet. While there are several ways to accomplish this task, playing interactive nutrition games seems to be one of the most successful.

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Tapping into Technology with Online Nutrition Games

With technology a part of daily life these days, children of all ages are quite capable of utilizing a computer to complete activities. Online interactive nutrition games are a great way to not only teach little ones about healthy eating but keep them actively involved in the lesson. This fun interaction keeps the information from becoming boring; instead, it becomes more engaging.

A perfect place to start when searching for such activities is Nutrition.gov. Nutrition.gov is a website that provides valuable resources from many various sources across the federal government. It is a doorway to reliable and factual information on topics such as food safety, healthy eating, physical activity and proper nutrition.

There are multiple links provided that lead to nutrition games and other activities online. One example is the link to the CDC or Center for Disease Control which provides quizzes and activities for children of all ages.

Another link found on nutrition.gov leads to the USDA website. The USDA is often considered the authority on optimal eating habits and overall food safety. Here, children can find a large number of videos, nutrition games, songs and even quizzes related to establishing a well balanced diet.

Another perfect online resource can be found at Nourish Interactive. This website is packed with activities and nutrition games that help kids learn about healthy habits at school or home. The printables section is a great tool for parents or teachers to select an activity of their choice and then print the tools needed to complete. Printable protein, fruit, vegetable, grain and dairy foods cards can be used to play various games. For instance, older children can use the cards to try to put together a correctly balanced meal. Younger kids can use the printables to learn some of the different foods found in each food group or play “match” nutrition games.

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Unplug and Be Creative with Offline Nutrition Games

For those who want to limit screen time and encourage creativity, there are several nutrition games ideas to consider. Some examples are listed at KidsAdventure.org. Kids can play the “Who Am I” game with their friends or family. Kids think about a healthy fruit or vegetable and then use clues to describe themselves to the other players. Extra points can be given if the guesser identifies the specific food group as well.

Another game idea is grocery story bingo. Parents can make simple bingo cards utilizing popular grocery store items as the pictures on the cards. These can either be items that are purchased or items that the kids simply see while grocery shopping. This activity keeps children involved in the shopping and meal preparation process. Keeping healthy eating exciting is easy with interactive nutrition games!

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