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            Your Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Board Games for Families Out There Today

            As our world marches on to becoming an almost completely digital experience, more and more parents are waking up to the power of “disconnecting” and embracing some off-line to bring back a bit more of that familial closeness that’s gone missing.

            Nothing does that better than board games!

            The top 10 board games on the market today are going to be fun for the entire family to enjoy together, and each of the ones that we have outlined in this quick list are going to be well worth your time and your money.

            Don’t be surprised if you find your children putting down their phones on a more regular basis and firing up some of these top 10 board games all on their own, either.

            1. Monopoly Might Be the Ultimate Board Game Experience

            The odds are pretty good that you played Monopoly with your own family at least a handful of times in the past, but it’s just as likely that you haven’t ever actually finished a game of Monopoly – or even know someone that has!

            The perfect family board games for those that want to put together a couple of family nights each and every single week, this is the kind of “cool burn” board game that you can play for hours at a time, just a few minutes when they are available, or somewhere in between and never feel like you are missing out.

            Add it to your collection ASAP!

            2. Scrabble Is a Great Way to Improve Everyone’s Vocabulary

            Describe Scrabble to your children as Words with Friends without the smartphone and they’ll immediately begin to understand exactly what you’re on about!

            Definitely one of the most popular of all the top 10 board games that we have on this list, Scrabble is a yearly best seller and one of those board games that every home needs to have on hand. Not only will you be able to play your entire family on this board game at the same time, but you’ll also be able to help everyone develop their vocabulary while they play.

            It’s a great way to sneak in some vocab lessons with good old-fashioned competition covering your tracks.

            3. It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Clue

            This is one of the top 10 board games out there for a bunch of different reasons, but most would definitely describe Clue as the ultimate whodunit in board game form. You’ll familiarize yourself with characters like Colonel Mustard, rooms like the library, and weapons like the candlestick almost immediately and your family will find ways to enjoy everything that this murder mystery game brings to the table.

            4. You Sunk My Battleship!

            The ultimate time killing board game for families that are looking for some quick fun during a bit of downtime, Battleship will have you and your family squaring off and a naval combat scenario while all of you try and sink the naval ships and submarines of your competitors.

            More modern versions of Battleship bring lights and sound effects into the action, but for our money you just can’t beat the old-school classic with those red and white pegs.

            5. Sorry! Is Still the Ultimate Game of Revenge

            Definitely one of the most popular of all the top 10 board games we have to outline in this quick guide, the odds are pretty good that you and your family are going to be able to get hours and hours of fun out of Sorry, especially since you can use this board game to dish out a little bit of vengeance on your loved ones without things having to go overboard.

            This game is accessible to pretty much anyone and everyone of all ages (aside from the very young), so it should become a staple of your top 10 board games rotation.

            6. Risk Is a Game of Global Domination the Entire Family Can Enjoy

            Risk is one of those games that most of us have played for at least a little while, but, just like Monopoly, we never seem to be able to finish things off.

            If you set up a weekly family game night, however, you’re going to be able to establish Risk as your main stay in the rotation, working every weekend to strategize new tactics and new ways to move about the board to capture territory, work with your allies, and crush your enemies.

            Risk is definitely a little bit old school, but that’s just part of the fun!

            7. Settlers of Catan Is One of the Most Underappreciated Family Board Games out There Right Now

            This is definitely one of the top 10 board games for families out there today but it’s also one that has really flown under the radar for a handful of years now. The entire game is based around finding ways to guide your own settlers across terrain to win the game by combining different resources together while your competitors do the exact same thing, building diverse settlements, cities, and entire civilizations along the way.

            Granted multiple Game of the Year and Hall of Fame awards in the United States as well as worldwide, the starter set of this game is perfect for between three and four players though you can add multiple different “add-on” packs to bring just as many friends and family members into the action as you’d like.

            8. Anybody up for a Quick Game of Checkers?

            When you get right down to it it’s tough to top of the fun that you and your family will be able to have when you have a quick little family checkers tournament with everyone in on the action.

            Checkers is maybe the most simple and straightforward of all the different board games that you have the chance to play today, and that’s a big part of its allure. One side is red, the other black, and you both go about the board in diagonal pathways to “jump” your competitor until you are “crowned”.

            9. HedBanz Is Like Charades on Steroids

            Playing charades really doesn’t take too much time, effort, or skill to put together, but if you’re looking to add quite a bit of flair and variety to the traditional game of charades you’ll want to get your hands on the HedBanz game.

            One of the most popular board games to come out in the last few years, you’ll have to attach a card to your headband with an image and description and get everyone else to provide you with clues as to what the card has on it. Competitors can answer questions (yes or no questions) and can act out different movements to help you answer before your time runs out.

            10. Sequence Will Challenge Your Mind and Your Memory

            A unique board game which is easy enough to play with children of almost all ages yet still challenging enough to put adult minds and memories to the test, Sequence is a simple and straightforward game that plays out differently every single time you fire it up.

            If you’re looking to jump right in on all the action with a brand-new board game that doesn’t require you to learn all kinds of crazy new goals, Sequence has to be one of the best purchases you make from this list of the top 10 board games on the market right now.

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